About The Friends of Hoboken Charter School

The Friends of Hoboken Charter School or FoHCS a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization (EIN: 22-3519265), is Hoboken Charter School's Parents' Association.

The FoHCS provides an opportunity for parents to support the school in an active, structured way. The FoHCS leadership team is comprised of parent volunteers, and all parents are invited to participate in the monthly meetings.

The Friends of the Hoboken Charter School is responsible for ALL fundraising efforts on behalf of the Hoboken Charter School and provides support to the Hoboken Charter School and its Students throughout the year.


How to Get Involved 

One of the best ways for parents to support the school is to be actively involved in the FoHCS.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact the FoHCS leadership directly (email friendsofhcs @ hcs-pa.org). No time contribution is too small and we have opportunities to volunteer that can accommodate any level of commitment you can make.

We need your support to make HCS the best place it can be for all our children. HCS is a small school and each person's contribution is welcome and valuable.


    About the Hoboken Charter School 

    The Hoboken Charter School is a K-12 community committed to social justice and service-learning grounded in learner-centered practices. We seek personal, civic, academic and artistic growth for all of our members.  Through an individualized and shared journey, students come to know who they are and how they can change the world.


    The Hoboken Charter School was conceived and developed by a group of Hoboken parents and professional educators. On January 15, 1997, HCS was chartered by New Jersey State Commissioner of Education Leo Klagholz. Our charter was renewed in 2001, in 2006 and again in 2011. The school’s founders believe that a community composed of learners of all ages fosters a spirit of collaboration that is a necessary part of a successful educational experience. We believe that students thrive in environments where expectations are clear and consistent at all levels, and where students are known — not only by their peers, but by the entire school community. An emphasis on curriculum that places the student at the center of inquiry is the foundation for the school’s four critical learning “cornerstones.” These cornerstones are: rigorous academics, arts literacy, and personal and civic growth.


    Through service learning, students bring the community into the classroom and extend the walls of the classroom out into the community. Service learning offers a way to tie the curriculum to community action. Students at the Hoboken Charter School identify community problems; design, implement, and evaluate action plans; and engage in ongoing personal reflection. Through these experiences, students become active, contributing members of the school community, the city of Hoboken, and beyond. In developing this approach, the Hoboken Charter School has developed relationships with a wide variety of individuals and groups within the Hoboken community.